Centenary History project

Rev S G Tweed

Ministers: Robert Hall Memorial Baptist Church

Name: Stanley George Tweed

Dates: 1947-53

Handbook Entry:
Stoke Road, Gosport, 1922-25
Tonbridge, 1926-32
Salem, Dover, 1932-41
Chaplain in Royal Air Force, 1941-46
Robert Hall, 1947-53
Merton Park, 1953- 69

Stanley George Tweed was born in Gillingham, Kent, in May 1896 and was brought up under the ministry of Rev. W.W. Blocksidge. After serving an apprenticeship in Chatham Dockyard, he entered Spurgeon's College when it re-opened after the first World War, following in the footsteps of his brother Ernest* who, while in his first pastorate at Devonshire Avenue, Southsea, had been a victim of the 1919 influenza epidemic. After serving at Stoke Road, Gosport (1922-26) he succeeded Dr. Percy Evans at Tonbridge when the latter left to become Principal of Spurgeon's College. He ministered there from 1926-32 when he accepted the pastorate of Salem, Dover, where he served for nine years. He was moderator of the Kent and Sussex Association, 1939-40.

In June 1940 when, with the threat of invasion, the civil population of the town was evacuated, he lost most of his church membership overnight. However, he had already roused the church to care for the large number of men and women in the Navy, Army and Air Force who were stationed in and around the town. With a greatly depleted staff he can a canteen on the church premises which opened for many hours every day of the year. In 1941, shortly after addressing the Baptist Union Assembly on the nature of this work, he accepted a R.A.F. chaplaincy and he so served for five years.

Following demobilisation he held pastorates at Robert Hall Memorial Church Leicester (1947-53), and Merton Park, Wimbledon (1953-69). After a brief illness he received his Home Call on 28th February 1976. He is survived by his wife (nee Lillian James-Young) and three daughters with the youngest of whom at Basingstoke he and his wife made their home in his retirement. We record our grateful remembrance of one who faithfully employed his time and talents to the service of his Lord.



Memoir from a letter of 19th April 1995, from Mrs Dorothy Bliss (85) of Tonbridge Baptist Church:
"...He (Rev.S.G. Tweed) baptised me, and several other young people, and he was a great help to so many of as. He was a fine preacher, and a very friendly man. He had particular interest in the work of the Sunday School and the young people. He loved to take part in concerts we put on to raise funds for food parcels for needy people at Christmas. He often took a part in a little sketch or play we put on. However, he would never learn his 'lines' properly - he just 'ad-libbed' his way through, much to the annoyance of those of us who had learned our parts properly! We had many a good laugh with him over this!

He certainly had a 'bump' of humour - when joy (his daughter) was born he came to tell us, and when asked what name they were giving her he replied, 'sorrow endureth for a night, but Joy cometh in the morning'.

I believe they moved to Dover, but when the shelling began from France at the beginning of the war, and Dover was a real target, the girls were evacuated back to Tonbridge, and Joy stayed with me for a while; eventually they were able to rent a cottage and Mrs Tweed moved back to Tonbridge to be with her daughters. I seem to have lost track of them after that ... I am sure that a11 those who knew him ... would agree with me in saying it was a privilege to have known him, a real Christian Gentle-man! ..."



Heard him preach in my early days at RH.

* Ernest William Tweed (METROPOLITAN) B.U. exhibition, Devonshire Avenue, Southsea, 1915-1919 (30 years old) died 1/3/1919. Obituary in library of Baptist Church house (Special Volume) BHbook 1920.