Centenary History project

Rev W Mutch

Ministers: Robert Hall Memorial Baptist Church

Name: William Mutch, M.A.

Dates: 1940-1946

Handbook Entry:
Kelso, 1933-35,
Whitley Bay, 1935-40
Robert Hall, 1940-46
Abbey Road, St. John's Wood, 1946

WILLIAM MUTCH was born in a small village in the County of Aberdeen, and attended the local county school. This he left at the early age of 13, and for a year or two worked on a farm. Early in 1918 he responded to the call of the sea, and joined the Royal Navy, in which he served for 11 years, purchasing his discharge in 1929. During this period he spent two and a half years on a journey through the Mediterranean Sea, as far east as India and the Malay States. It was while on this trip that he felt the urge for more intensive studies in Religious and Philosophical matters so keenly that he decided to quit the Navy, and began to work for University Examinations.

He enrolled at Skerry's College, Edinburgh, and later in 1929 went to Glasgow, at which University he graduated MA in 1932. During the vacations he took a course in Theology at the Scottish Baptist Theological College, Glasgow. Many opportunities of preaching came his way, and as a student he took full advantage of them.

He first served as Minister at Kelso Baptist Church from 1933 to 1935, when he received a call to the Church at Whitley Bay, from which he came to Robert Hall Memorial Church.

This biography appeared in the souvenir booklet produced for his induction in 1940