Centenary History project

Karl Hanton

Ministers: Robert Hall Memorial Baptist Church

Name: Karl Hanton

Dates: 2004-2010


Training: St John's College, Nottingham

Youth worker, Robert Hall, 2004-2010

Born in Leicester, Karl Hanton became a Christian in the army and was recommended to Robert Hall Church when he returned to civilian life in 1991.
Whilst working in the building trade and as a teaching assistant, Karl became a leader in Boys' Brigade and Junior Church, coach to the football team and, in 1996, a deacon. When BB was discontinued in the late nineties, he was appointed voluntary youth worker and was instrumental in the establishment of an open youth club.
Encouraged by the church, Karl undertook full-time training in youth work in 2003 and was appointed as the church's full-time youth worker from 2004, taking responsibility for leading the teams involved with Junior Church and holiday clubs and setting up a young people's small group. He forged links with other youth workers in the area resulting in The Juice young people's ecumenical music event. His work with the De Montfort University Chaplaincy team sparked the inauguration of The Vine student bistro. In addition to his energetic leadership of youth club in the early part of every Friday evening, Karl was the first volunteer from our church to patrol the Westcotes area from 11pm to 2am with the local Street Pastors from 2007 onwards.
Karl's calling as a Christian minister shone through everything he did and touched everyone he pastored. Among his particular talents were conjuring and an encyclopaedic knowledge of the youth entertainment scene and language.