1962 Souvenir Handbook


Diamond Jubilee 1901 - 1961


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"THAT in the opinion of the Committee, it is imperative for the New Chapel to be commenced forthwith and that the name shall be 'the Robert Hall Memorial Chapel'."

So reads a resolution recorded in the minutes of a meeting held on September 18th, 1899 of a committee representing "friends residing in the West End" and the Deacons of the Harvey Lane Chapel. Much of the official record of the church through the years makes interesting reading and some is amusing, for example, the decision to lay cork lino in the gallery "to deaden the sound of latecomers' footsteps, the announcement of which gave apparent satisfaction." Mere words, however, cannot describe adequately the work of a church, nor can figures or statistics measure the spiritual life and influence of its members. Nevertheless, when an occasion such as a Diamond Jubilee is reached, it is natural and, indeed, appropriate, that we should pause in retrospection.

Living in the past is dangerous, but remembrance of past achievements can be the inspiration which is the key to future greatness. This booklet was suggested as a permanent reminder of the first sixty years of Robert Hall Memorial Church. In part the story is material and factual; in part, it recalls the faith and devotion of many followers of Jesus Christ. Even so, it should be remembered that these are not unrelated, for the shouldering of the burden of financial responsibility by our predecessors would not have been possible without a very real trust and faith in God's purpose. The founders of Robert Hall Memorial Church truly acted in the words of William Carey, their one-time pastor at Harvey Lane -"Expect great things from God, attempt great things for God."

In such a story much must be omitted, but this short history is presented in the hope that it may revive memories for some of our senior members, that it may help younger members to know and understand more of their church and, most important of all, that it may invigorate us all in our work and witness for Jesus Christ at Robert Hall Memorial Church.


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